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Waller Is Growing. Developers And Manufacturers Want In.

The city of Waller is about 45 miles northwest of Downtown Houston. For some Houstonians, it’s just another small town along Highway 290, something you wouldn’t even notice passing through on your way to Austin, except for the lure of a Buc-ee’s bathroom break and snacks. Though rural in appearance, Waller and the surrounding area have been undergoing steady industrial and residential growth over the last five years.

The low cost and availability of land near the intersection of two major highways have placed Waller on the map for developers and manufacturers. Waller County Land Co. owner Tim Phelan said that when he moved to Waller in 1982, it was evident even then that the city was sitting in the path of growth. “Here we are, 38 years later, and we've got a brand-new freeway, and all sorts of development going on. It's still kind of rural here, but it's exciting because there's lots of new things coming our way.

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