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Tax information for Waller County

The State of Texas has no personal income tax and no state property taxes; this results in Texas having one of the lowest per family property tax burdens in the country.

In the City of Waller, you will also find competitive tax rates as we know the importance of keeping our tax rates business-friendly.   For information on tax incentives for qualifying businesses, see our incentives page.

 2019 Tax Rates
Waller ISD $1.37
Waller County $0.662225
City of Waller $0.5046
Waller-Harris ESD #200 Emergency Services District $0.10
TOTAL $2.636825
Taxing Entities (expressed per $100 valuation)


For latest tax rates for the county, Hempstead ISD, Waller ISD and Royal ISD contact:

Waller County Appraisal District
900 13th Street
Hempstead, TX 77445
Phone: (979) 921-0060
Fax: (979) 921-0377
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