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Waller County, and the Houston region, is home to one of the strongest, most educated, and diverse workforces in the country. As one of the most important considerations for relocating or expanding a business, we know getting good workforce information is important to your decisions. To help you, we have provided the most current and useful workforce data on Waller County and the region.  If you would like to find real time regional data, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the Houston MSA.

Labor Shed

“The City of Waller has less than 4000 population, but we draw from a large workforce population living within the average Houston commute of 30-minutes.  This slide from Workforce Solutions shows the geography of that commute.  Our laborshed includes a population of 1.4 million people with 480,000 of those being in the prime workforce age of 25-54 years old. 

The population of the closest ISDs to our east (Cy-Fair) and south (Katy) are larger than many American cities and Waller is an easy commute for them to work.  This gives us a very large educated workforce to draw from for the City of Waller.

Workforce Training

In addition, there are numerous resources in the region to help support your workforce through training.  For more information, visit the Waller County workforce pages.